Masquerade on Poker Night

Published: August 5, 2014
Author: Victoria Pond
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Boys who like girls who like boys who dress like girls. In this erotic short story, a man on the run hides in a crowded café that happens to be run by a succubus. Oh, and he’s wearing a disguise.

Evan should never have cosigned for his brother’s loan. Now creepy loan shark thugs are after him. When he squeezes into a minidress and finds a busy café, he’s sure that he can hide. But the thugs still find him. Luckily, the café’s owner is a succubus who is more than capable of protecting this “damsel” in distress from a bunch of male goons.

“Masquerade on Poker Night” is a sexy, snarky snack about a boy and his consent issues. It plays with gender roles and stereotypes, and there’s also some mild bondage.

Remember: Consent is sexy.

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